otum - Posted on 16 January 2017

In mid-February, is "The Batman Lego® Movie" premiere, a highly anticipated movie by all who have enjoyed "The Lego® Movie" and also enjoys the Batman character, and, as expected, the new movie also has its own Batmobile.

It is a Batmobile different from what is known until now, is a mixture of an aggressive vehicle like the Tumbler one (set 7888), but stylized as the style of the best-known Batmobile.

The set consists of 581 parts and 5 minifigs, distributed in five part bags, plus two instruction books (two!!) and the inevitable stickers sheet ... The instructions and stickers come inside their own plastic wrapper, which is to thank to avoid damages.

Regarding the construction, not too much to emphasize, it is a simple construction, where a great number of pieces is destined to give rigidity to the vehicle, due to, unlike other Batmobile, this one allows to change the position of the wheels, which increases the gameplay enormously. There is no innovative construction technique, but it should be noted that the shooters are very well integrated, which is not usually the case in sets with 1x1 round plate shooters. At the design level, the use of several pieces in an interesting way, such as the piece of gold ingots, which, used in black gives an aesthetic result to the car very successful, or the black shields from Nexo Knights.


The assembly is divided into four steps, initially the central structure of the Batmobile is made, later the front is stylized and details added to it, followed by the back, at this point a small mechanism is built, which allows to remove the roof of the Cabin (designed for two minifigs). And to finish the assembly the wheels and the frontal part are added.

The minifigures included are the Kabuki Twins, the Man-Bat, the Robin (without pants jajajaja) and Batman. Been Robin one the best of the set, the minifig glasses are part of the hair part, which is a success, just like the Bat-belt.


In conclusion, it is a great set for Batman fans and its collection of vehicles, as well as a great