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In this issue of HispaBrick Magazine...


5       Editorial
6       The medieval creations of Cesar Soares
12     The Arc Hammer
16     Even Bricks look cute!
23     75054 AT-AT Overhauling
26     The LEGO® House
28     The LEGO® Journey
34     LUGs of the world: Legend Bricks
37     How to build an Alternative Model out of LEGO® Technic Set
42     Miniland Building: MINILAND character build
48     Robotics with LEGO® WeDo (VII)
51     LEGO® WeDo (VI)
54     Vehicle steering and centering systems
57     An introduction to Robotics with LEGO® MINDSTORMS (XIX)
60     Exhibition of LEGO® constructions at the XIII Collectors Fair of Mungia, Spain
62     Interview: Bill Polock
64     Review: MoreToMath
66     Review: LEGO® Jurassic World
72     Review: LEGO® Classic
74     Review: 76042 The S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier
77     Review: 75095 LEGO® TIE Fighter
80     Review: 71016 The Kwik-E-Mart
83     Great creators of the world: Paul Vermeesch
90     Interview: Marcos Bessa
94     Desmontados by Arqu medes
95     How to collaborate with us
95     Our collaborators on the Internet