21136 - Ocean Monument

Jetro - Posted on 28 July 2017


21136boxMINECRAFT has taken become a strong theme in the LEGO catalogue and it has a large following. There is something pleasing about turning a digital sandbox into a physical experience and LEGO is the perfect medium for it. The 21366 Ocean Mountain takes MINECRAFT fans to an as yet unexplored underwater world.

The 1122 pieces in this upcoming set bring new challenges, new dangers and new colours!

There are several mechanisms and the monument can be set up in different configurations to create new play each time.

The set comes with 8 numbered bags and 4 numbered books. The first book has the traditional overview of what is built with each bag. You start of with a section of what looks like coral reef and then move on to the foundation of the Ocean Monument itself.

The reef section is quite straight forward and includes both of the characters that come in this set. It also includes all of the animals in the set: 2 puffer fish (only the larger is shown in the image below and a four-legged octopus, all with printed tiles for faces. A very nice and entertaining start for a much larger set.

I will not go through the whole building experience of the set - that is best experienced first hand - and will move straight on to the finished model, which in this case includes the second puffer fish on an "invisible" rotating  arm: another very nice play feature.

Not a very inspiring view of the monument. It