In mid-February, is "The Batman Lego® Movie" premiere, a highly anticipated movie by all who have enjoyed "The Lego® Movie" and also enjoys the Batman character, and, as expected, the new movie also has its own Batmobile.

It is a Batmobile different from what is known until now, is a mixture of an aggressive vehicle like the Tumbler one (set 7888), but stylized as the style of the best-known Batmobile.

Review LEGO Ideas 21308 Adventure Time

This time LEGOⓇ brings us the characters of the CARTOON NETWORK™ series Adventure Time.

This project, which was originally designed by the LEGO Ideas member Ludovic Piraud, also known in the AFOL community as aBetterMonkey, got 10,000 followers and was later selected to become the next official LEGO Ideas set - LEGO Ideas 21308 Adventure Time.

Review LEGO 70901 The Batman Movie Mr. Freeze Ice Attack

LEGO will release the new LEGO Batman movie next February. For this reason LEGO has launched a new line inspired by the film. It is really curious to be able to build a set based on a film that has not yet been released and that you can only get an idea about from the trailers.

We will review the set 70901 Mr. Freeze Ice Attack that places us in a Gotham City Energy Facility under the attack of Mr. Freeze and in which the dark knight appears to save the guard and to stop the plans of Mr. Freeze.

The LEGO® Batman Movie: review 70912 Arkham Asylum

With the release of the new LEGO® Batman film, the LEGO group launches new sets based on the DC characters.

On this occasion, we bring you the review of set 70912 Arkham Asylum.

Prior to this edition, LEGO already released two sets related to Arkham Asylum: set 7785 (2006) consisting of 838 pieces and 7 minifigs, and set 10937 (2012) with 1584 pieces and 8 minifigs.

The new set 70912 consists of 1628 pieces and 12 minifigs. When opening the box we find bags numbered 1 to 8, an instruction booklet and a sheet of stickers.

The set consists of a central building, two wings that go out on each side of the main building, a watchtower and a police car.



Review: 10252 LEGO Volkswagen Beetle

Review: 10252 Volkswagen Beetle



Until my own job allowed me to subsist, all my studies, whims and even LEGO, I owe to cars. Well, I rather owe them to their faults. My father had a car repair shop where there were always Minis, Morris, MGs, ... So when LEGO began to launch its collection of classic cars something inside me pushed me to get my hands on them. After the VW T1 Camper Van and the Mini Cooper (sorry, for me the Ferrari is in a different group), the new sweet in the collection is the VW Beetle.


The Ideal Order

The Ideal OrderThe ideal order is a novel written by Christoph Bartneck, up to know he has been known as the author behind the LEGO minifigure catalogs.

This time, with the idea of creating a sorting method for LEGO pieces, Christoph Bartneck relates to us the day to day of Dr. Rob Park: father of two little girls, a man with marital problems, problems associated with his academic career and how to find a new way of being for himself, his LEGO collection and for his family.

Review: 21114 The Farm

This is a small set of the new theme Minecraft, launched at the end of 2014. It contains 252 pieces and 2 minifigs. This set allows you to build one of the most common structures in the game, a small farm and a small cattle fencing to keep your animals, in order to produce your own food. The box is too big for the parts inside, in some way because it contains some big plates.


Review: 70410: Soldiers Outpost

One of his year novelties is the Pirates theme. The 74010 Soldiers Outpost set is one of the smallest kits in this theme, which includes elements to build a small military outpost and its soldiers and a pirate raft.

This set is very small, it contains just 148 pieces and 3 minifigs: 2 blue coats soldiers and a pirate. The soldiers minifigs are really awesome, with beautiful printings in both torso sides. Both have the same printing, but they have different ranks, that are shown with different colour epaulettes: golden for the sergeant and white for the soldier. The pirate minifig has the torso printed in both sides too, and wears a new designed bandana /warp piece.


Review LEGO Creator Toy & Grocery Shop 31036

LEGO 31036This is the LEGO Creator 31036 Toy & Grocery Shop, which combined with LEGO Creator 31026 Bike Shop & Cafe will allow us to complete our city with a shopping area. This is a 3 in 1 set, and we will be able to build a post office, or a newsstand instead of the grocery and toy shop.

Review: 31034 - CREATOR Future Flyer

The Future Flyer is one of the CREATOR sets of 2015. We can find inside an interesting mixture of models, including a Mech robot, an airplane and a cabrio sports car.



It’s always interesting to review a set of the line CREATOR because you can see how the designers use their skills to offer three nice models with a limited number of parts. In this case it’s even more difficult because there are some parts you need to build a robot (the joints) that limit somehow the use of them in other models.

Review 10696 Medium Creative Brick Box

This is another set of the Classic theme. The box contains 483 pieces and it includes a small guide with instructions to build several different small constructions at the same time.

This set is enclosed in a soft plastic box. The lid of the box is built with studs like a LEGO brick, so is perfect to keep your bricks in. My lid has some kind of problem as it is not possible to clip with the box, but apart from this problem I think is very useful, because this is a set focused on children, and this recipient is perfect to keep the pieces.

The LEGO bricks are a good amount of pieces of many different colors. In this case, you can build vehicles with wheels, as many wheels are included. The models depicted in the instructions are very simple, and after building all of them there are many unused parts. You  have trains, plants, cars, animals and buildings. This set shows a more advanced constructions than previous ones like 10694. There are some functional elements and some hinges. This new Classic theme boxes are full of bright colors parts, and many, many different colours.

For those skilled builders who want to collect 2x4 bricks of different colors I can say there are 12 different bricks of that type, so this set is a good starting point. And those ones who are looking for parts in less common colors, they have a bunch of them, and I think they are very useful to be used with Friends sets. 


Review 10694 Creative Supplement Bright

This is a new set of the Classic building theme. The box contains 303 bricks and it includes a small guide with instructions to build seven different small constructions at the same time.


The first impression when you open the box and drop all the bricks out  is... Wow,  it is so colour full! Yes, you have a great variety of colours and those colours are great. Many awesome colour tones, you have several shades of pink, blue, green and yellow colours.
My first thought was: "This is perfect for Friends, with those many cheerfully coloured bricks". Bricks and slopes are the most common elements of this set, but you can find some brick arches and  round tiles too.
The models depicted in the instructions are very simple, but also very funny: an electric guitar, a flower, a rabbit, a cake, a butterfly ... A great variety of constructions that can be a great inspiration source for other constructions. The box contains several round tiles 1x1 with printed eyes, so there is a big chance to build your own animals or characters. And there are also some transparent bricks. 
This box is a great opportunity for those skilled builders who want to improve their abilities with colours and also  for children who need to begin with easy constructions full of colour. 


LEGO® Architecture: The visual Guide



LEGO® Architecture: The visual Guide

Author: Philip Wilkinson

Editorial: Dorling Kindersley™

Language: Inglés

Size: 260.35 x 260.35mm

Pages: 232


LEGO® Architecture: The visual Guide



Written by Philip Wilkinson in collaboration with Adam Reed Tucker, LEGO Architecture: The Visual Guide shows the different artists, builders and inspirations responsible for the LEGO Architecture series.

It is an elegant hardcover book which comes in a protective case and along its 232 pages, shows us the 22 series models, from 2008 to the present days.


Review 21118 The Mine

Set 21118 The Mine

Ages: 8+

Pieces: 922

This is the biggest box of the new wave of Minecraft® related sets. Minecraft is a very well known game about breaking and placing blocks in an imaginary world. This new wave of sets are made to a minifig scale, a far better option than the micro scale sets of past years, in my opinion. I was new to Minecraft, but I played some worlds before building this set, and I must say that the LEGO® designers made an outstanding work. There are many similarities between LEGO constructions and Minecraft world, it is like a world full of 1x1x1 bricks, that can be combined in infinite ways.

Review 21118

Review 10245 Santa’s Workshop


LEGO 10245


Set: 10245 Santa’s Workshop

Parts: 883

Minifigs: 6

Recommended price: 74,99€

Since five years ago, LEGO has been tempting us with sets popularly known as "the winter ones", and this year wouldn’t be different, these holydays we are tempted with "Santa's Workshop".