LEGO magazine HBM 005

HBM005: Great creators of the world: Mark Kelso

Great creators of the world:Mark Kelso

Mark Kelso

Known for his awesome replica of 'Invisible Hand', today Mark Kelso will tell us about his hobby and the strong links it has with his everyday job.


By Hispabrick Magazine

Pictures by Mark Kelso


HBM005: Emerald Night

Emerald Night


LEGO Emerald Night

The definitive system


By lluisgib

Images by lluisgib and LEGO System A/S


Set: Emerald Night

Number Set: 10194

Number of bricks: 1085

Includes: Steam locomotive with tender, passenger car, 3 minifigs, Battery, Motor, Remote Control, Infrared Receiver, lights, flexible tracks.

Recommended Price: Locomotive: € 89.95, Kit Power Functions: € 151.70, Flexible Train Track (64 sections): € 29.95


HBM005: The most wanted from LEGO® Star Wars™

The most wanted from LEGO® Star Wars

LEGO Halcon Milenario

By car_mp from the opinions gathered from the HispaLUG forum


HBM005: VII Collectors Fair at Mungia

VII Collectors Fair at Mungia

VII Feria de Coleccionismo de Mungia

LEGO® stand at VII Collectors Fair at Mungia, Vizcaya (Spain)


Text and images by Legotron


HBM005: Xuventude Galiza Net 2009

Xuventude Galiza Net 2009Xuventude Galiza Net 2009




Text by car_mp

Pictures by lluisgib


HBM005: BlueBrick



An essential tool for your display


Text and pictures by Jetro


HBM005: An introduction to Robotics with LEGO® MINDSTORMS™ (II)

An introduction to Robotics with LEGO® MINDSTORMS™ (II)

LEGO Mindstorms


So I've got an NXT, but now...

Text and images by Koldo


HBM005: LDraw Tutorial (V)


LDraw Tutorial (V)



LSynth 3.0 y Lpub/LDview


Text and Images by Jetro


HBM005: 10th Anniversary of LEGO® Star Wars™

10th Anniversary of

LEGO® Star Wars™LEGO Star Wars


A fan's point of view


Text by Lumix and Spazski

Pictures by Lumix and LEGO® Iberia S.A.


LEGO Star Wars               

HBM005: Building trees (IV)

Building trees (IV)


Arbol LEGO

The construction process is the key to customizing our trees, because each tree is a unique construction that can take many forms.


Text and pictures by Legotron


HBM005: Building my own Millenium Falcon™


Building my own Millenium Falcon™

LEGO Star Wars

The fastest pile of junk in the Galaxy. Who wouldn't want one?


Tex by Joaquin 

Pictures by Joaquin and LEGO® Iberia S.A.


HBM005: The Construction of the Imperial Hangar


The Construction of the Imperial Hangar

Hangar Imperial Star Wars

There is nothing so gratify for a LEGO® and Star Wars™ fan as the possibility or recreating some of the most famous scenes from the movie


Text by Legotron and pictures by Legotron & Roman Gibert

HBM005: Stupid Studs

Stupid Studs


"Directive 37 from the Code of Conduct of the Death Star™: Each Storm Trooper™ must look after his equipment and not borrow someone else´s one without his express consent"


By Vrykolakas & W3ird

HBM005: Mini Imperial Star Destroyer

Mini-Imperial Star Destroyer

LEGO Mini imperial destroyer

Terrorizing  the mini-galaxy since a long long time ago

By Legotron