LEGO magazine HBM 003

HBM003: Great creators of the world: Brian Kescenovitz


Great creators of the world: Brian Kescenovitz

Brian Kescenovitz

With Adrian Florea we began a series of articles where the own interviewed recommends us one of his favourite creators for the following issue


Text & Images Brian Kescenovitz


HBM003: LEGO® Pirates


LEGO® Pirates

LEGO Piratas

"(...) But, if you let me choose just one of these lives, then I choose the limping pirate, with a wooden leg, a patch over his eye, and a wicked face, the old rogue, the captain of a ship with a flag showing two shinbones and a skull. (...)"


By Gobernador

HBM003: Our collaborators in Internet

Our collaborators in Internet


You may find more information about our collaborators here:


Arqu medes                             http://debiologoadibujante.blogspot.com

arvo                                         http://www.brickshelf.com/cgi-bin/gallery.cgi?f=127268

car_mp                                    http://www.brickshelf.com/cgi-bin/gallery.cgi?m=carmp

g2bricks                                   http://g2bricks.blogsite.org/

Jetro                                        http://www.brickshelf.com/cgi-bin/gallery.cgi?m=linmix

Legotron                                  http://www.abellon.net/lswimperial

lluisgib                                     http://www.brickshelf.com/cgi-bin/gallery.cgi?m=lluisgib

Lordjerome                              http://www.brickshelf.com/cgi-bin/gallery.cgi?m=antonio

HBM003: Alternative models 7645

Alternative models: 7645


When being kids our parents gave us our first LEGO® set, we all faced the same challenge: our own cronstructions starting off with a limited number of bricks.


Text car_mp

Images LEGO® System A/S, car_mp


Set: 7645 MT-61 Crystal Reaper

Line:: Mars Mission

Piece Count: 600 pieces

Recommended Retail Price: 59.95 € / 49.99 USD

HBM003: 50 years of the LEGO® Brick


50 years of the LEGO® Brick


1932 - Ole Kirk Christiansen is a master carpenter and cabinetmaker in Billund (Jutlandia) He begins to make domestic utensils and wood toys.

1934 - He organizes a contest between his workers to choose the name of the company. The chosen name is LEGO®, that is an abbreviation of the Danish expression Leg Godt (I play well).

1942 - A fire destroys the factory of LEGO with all the plans and designs. Ole Kirk works to remake everything that had been burned until re-floating the company.

1947 - They buy the first machine in Denmark for plastic injection and begin to make toys of this material.

1949 - His son Godtferd, who works with Ole in the company, establishes the bases of “pieces of automatic union” that would be the precursors of the present pieces of LEGO.

HBM003: Bricks & Books. A LEGO® library

Bricks & Books. A LEGO® library

The life of an AFOL is not only building LEGO: there are always some initiatives to expand our collection -and reduce the space we have for it- with other 'stars' of the LEGO universe. The recent launch of the spectacular catalogue 'LEGO collector' is a good reason to do a review of books related to LEGO. Most of them are in English, but some titles can also be found in Spanish to start a library to complete, in words, our passion.


Text & images: Antonio José Fernández

HBM003: Death Star™ Star Wars™

Death Star™ Star Wars

How to turn a film into plastic bricks

By lluisgib

Images by lluisgib and LEGO System A/S


Set:10188 Star Wars Death Star

Pieces count: 3803

Including: 24 characters, trash compactor monster, Tie advanced, 12 film scenes, Hyperlaser

Recommended Retail Price: 399,95 € / 399,99 USD

HBM003: Legoworld™ 2008


Paradise within reach


Text by lluisgib

Images by lluisgib and Adri



LEGOWorld 2008 From 16 to 21 of October at fair ljsselhallen in Zwolle (Holland)

Visitors 70000


HBM003: Building trees (II)

Building trees (II)

Every construction that includes vegetation must count on good trees that emphasise the set


By Legotron

Text & Images by Legotron


HBM003: The LEGO® Minifig or Life doesn´t end at 30


The LEGO® Minifig or Life doesn´t end at 30



By car_mp

Images by The LEGO® Group


HBM003: LDraw Tutorial (III)

LDraw Tutorial (III)

If you lose time looking for the pieces that you need, this issue will be very useful to you


Text by Jetro

Images by Jetro and Philo

HBM003: Interview Tormod Askildsen

Interview Tormod Askildsen

Tormod Askildsen

Head of LEGO® Community Development



By Hispabrick Magazine

Photos Tormod Askildsen

Translate by lluisgib





One of the most charismatic robots of the cartoons arrives to your collection ready to finish all the humans


By car_mp

HBM003: The Doll

The Doll


The Doll por los arvo

Three times Three


Text & images by arvo


HBM003: Desmontados


By Arqu medes