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Review: LEGO Ideas 21312 Women of NASA

Review by Adrian Barbour


Parts Count: 231

Release Date:  Nov 1st

Price:  US$24.99

Contains:  4 minifigs

The latest LEGO Ideas offering is now hitting the shelves, and follows in the footsteps of 2014’s popular 21110 Research Institute ­– being similar in both theme and content, consisting of a selection of minifigures with accompanying vignettes. LEGO has had great success with the wide appeal of NASA-themed sets in the past, though the Women of NASA set was somewhat controversial when first announced, with its exclusive focus on a single gender (albeit one which has long been underrepresented in LEGO form) and its focus on minifigures rather than a single substantial model build. So, has this turned out to be a glorified politically correct minifig pack, or does it hold up to the high standards set by previous LEGO Ideas releases? Time to find out!

75192 Millennium Falcon UCS

US $799.99, CA $899.99, DE €799.99, UK £649.99, DKK 6999.00

Available from the 1st of October with VIP early access from the 14th of September.

Welcome to the largest, most detailed LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon model we’ve ever created - in fact, with over 7,500 pieces it is the biggest LEGO model ever sold! This amazing LEGO interpretation of Han Solo’s unforgettable Corellian freighter has all the details that Star Wars fans of any age could wish for, including intricate exterior detailing, upper and lower quad laser cannons, landing legs, lowering boarding ramp and a 4-minifigure cockpit with detachable canopy. Remove individual hull plates to reveal the highly detailed main hold, rear compartment and gunnery station. This amazing model also features interchangeable sensor dishes and crew, so you decide whether to play out classic LEGO Star Wars adventures with Han, Leia, Chewbacca and C-3PO, or enter the world of Episode VII and VIII with older Han, Rey, Finn and BB-8!

  • Includes 4 classic crew minifigures: Han Solo, Chewbacca, Princess Leia and C-3PO.
  • Also includes 3 Episode VII/VIII crew minifigures: Older Han Solo, Rey and Finn.
  • Figures include a BB-8 droid, 2 buildable Porgs and a buildable Mynock.
  • Exterior features include intricately detailed and removable hull panels, a lowering boarding ramp, concealed blaster cannon, 4-minifigure cockpit with detachable canopy, interchangeable round/rectangular sensor dishes, upper and lower quad laser cannons, and 7 landing legs.
  • Main hold features a seating area, Dejarik holographic game, combat remote training helmet, engineering station with turning minifigure seat and a doorway build with passageway decoration.
  • Rear compartment features the engine room with hyperdrive and console, 2 doorways, hidden floor compartment, 2 escape pod hatches, engineering console and an access ladder to the gunnery station.
  • Gunnery station features a minifigure gunner’s seat and detachable hull panel with fully rotating quad laser cannon. An additional quad laser cannon is also mounted on the underside.
  • Also includes an informational fact plaque.
  • Features a new cockpit canopy element.
  • Classic crew weapons include Han’s blaster pistol and Chewbacca’s stud-firing bowcaster.
  • Episode VII/VIII crew weapons include Han’s blaster, Rey’s small silver blaster and Finn’s medium blaster rifle.
  • Change out the features and crew characters to switch between classic and Episode VII/VIII versions of the Millennium Falcon!
  • Open individual hull panels to access the detailed interior while retaining the overall exterior appearance.
  • Slide the panel to reveal the concealed blaster cannon.
  • Turn classic Leia’s and Han’s head to reveal their breathing mask decoration.
  • Makes the perfect intergalactic toy or flagship display model.
  • Measures over 8” (21cm) high, 33” (84cm) long and 22” (56cm) wide.

Free Model (LDD): Circuit de Catalunya

During the last 26 years I have been involved in the organisation of Motorsport races. I have been lucky enough to be part of the most important FIA (Formula 1) and FIM (MotoGP) Championships.

Some time ago I decided to build with bricks the Marshal post where I have been collaborating. And due that two weeks ago, after the Formula 1 Spanish Grand Prix, I got "retired" I would like to share with you the LDD file of this model.

You can download the file from here

Enjoy it!

Lluís Gibert

Pictorial Comparative: 10257 - Carousel (2017) vs 10196 - Grand Carousel (2009)


The new Creator Expert set 10257 - Carousel will be available next June. It is an amazing set with lots of details and spectacular mini-models. But instead of only reviewing it, we have decided to compare it with the set launched on 2009, in order to see if the main issues of that old set are solved in this new version.

Encuesta sobre packaging - Packaging poll

Dear LEGO user,

We are a team of packaging designers belonging to the LEGO product development department. Our key mission is to design packaging that supports a strong LEGO product experience. We are conducting this survey among RLUGs/RLFMs since we know that you have a great deal of experience with our products and packaging! To achieve our mission it is important for us to get an understanding of how you perceive the LEGO packaging experience. Please help us by participating in a survey: http://lego.fluidsurveys.com/surveys/yma/afol-packaging-survey/

Please complete the survey before March 6, 2017.

Thank you in advance for your feedback – it is highly appreciated!

Kind regards,
The LEGO Packaging Experience Design Team

Review: 70900 - 70902 - 70910 - Build something BATMAN

Build Something BATMAN

Under this motto, LEGO will launch on January the new sets related to the upcoming LEGO BATMAN movie.

We have received from LEGO the first batch of sets to have a look on them. And I found the same problem I had 3 years ago, when the LEGO Movie sets were released. I can't establish relationships between the set and the movie. That's why this overview of the smaller sets will be incomplete.

Due that it is a license, the boxes have ACABADO BRILLANTE. This fact makes that the box itself is more attractive. Unfortunately it is not possible to open and fold the small boxes, as you can do with the bigger ones, and with some seasonal sets. It will be a small nightmare for collectors, as they put value on keeping the boxes together with the set.

Ford’s Le Mans Victories in LEGO® Bricks

Designed to Inspire Tomorrow’s Racing Drivers, Engineers and Designers – Ford’s Le Mans Victories in LEGO® Bricks

  • Ford race cars that won 1966 and 2016 Le Mans 24 Hours will be available as part of the exclusive LEGO® Speed Champions range of models   
  • New kit brings to life iconic Ford GT40 and today’s Ford GT race car. Minifigures, chequered flag and trophy will help to bring famous victories to life again and again
  • Designing the exclusive kit was a “dream project” for LEGO design lead Craig Callum, a former car designer who races Fords in his spare time


Presentation: 10255 Assembly Square

Celebrate ten years of Modular Building with the Assembly Square!

Take a trip to the amazing Assembly Square, developed to celebrate ten years of LEGO® Modular Buildings, featuring a wealth of unsurpassed, intricate details and hidden surprises. Easy-to-remove building sections provide access to the highly detailed interior, comprising a ground level with a bakery, florist’s shop and café, a middle level with a music store, photo studio and dental office, and an upper-level dance studio and apartment with access to a rooftop terrace with barbecue. The exterior of the building features a detailed sidewalk with outdoor café furniture, fountain, streetlamps and a highly elaborate facade with beautifully detailed windows and doors, three buildable shop signs, spired tower and a decorative roofline. Collect and build an entire town with the LEGO Creator Expert Modular Building series 10243 Parisian Restaurant, 10246 Detective’s Office and 10251 Brick Bank. Includes eight minifigures and a baby figure.

Review: 21029 Buckingham Palace


Buckingham Palace is the 2nd set related to London in the Architecture range, but actually it is the 4th one, including Big Ben and Tower Bridge Creator Expert sets. It seems that UK is an important market for LEGO (despite the recent news about the Brexit), and there are some related models from London to attract the UK customers (recently there is also a promotional set of a London Bus).

75159 Death Star™


75159 Death Star™

Ages 14+.  4,016pieces.

US $499.99 - CA $599.99 - DE 499.99€ - UK £399.99 - DK 4499.00 DKK

*Euro pricing varies by country.  Please visit shop.LEGO.com for regional pricing.

Promoción LEGO en el periódico "El País"

Desde hoy, y durante 10 semanas, el periódico "El País" tiene una promoción mediante la cual, con la compra del periodico + 2,95€ te puedes llevar un polybag de LEGO. Los modelos son de 2016 y hay algunos muy interesantes, aunque no hay ninguno de licencias como Super-Héroes o Star Wars.

No perdáis la oportunidad de aprovechar esta promoción que, si la memoria no me falla, es a segunda promoción en España después de la que, hace unos años, hubo con unos sets de Star Wars.

más información en: http://elpais.com/promociones/lego/

Review: The Art of LEGO Scale Modeling


No Starch Press, a publisher that usually amazes us with new and exciting LEGO related books has published the excellent The Art of LEGO Scale Modeling. We can considere this book as a Hall of Fame of builders of large scale models, and it has been written by two recognized builders of these type of MOCs: Dennis Glaasker (interviewed at HispaBrick Magazine 017) and Dennis Bosman.

International Building Contest!

Our friends from the Croatian RLUG KOCKICE organize an International Building Contest!

You can participate until February 15th.

76052 Batman™ Classic TV Series – Batcave, 2,526 pieces

Available mid-February to VIPs, everyone else 1st March.

Drive the villains out from Batman’s Batcave!

Help Batman™ and Robin™ to drive the villain intruders from the Batcave, featuring a Bat Lab with Batcomputer, plus the Batmobile with stud shooters, Batcopter with flick missiles and the Batcycle. This special model, based on the classic 1960s TV show, also has a Wayne Manor section with an exterior wall to climb on and Bruce Wayne’s study featuring the iconic Batphone and a false bookcase that slides open to reveal the secret entrance to the Batcave. Before spiraling down the Batpoles into the Batcave, change identity from Bruce Wayne™ and Dick Grayson™ into Batman and Robin (separate minifigures included).

  • Includes 9 minifigures: Batman™, Robin™, Bruce Wayne™, Dick Grayson™, Alfred Pennyworth™, The Joker™, Catwoman™, The Riddler™ and The Penguin™.
  • This LEGO® model of the Batcave as seen in the classic 1960s TV series features 2 Batpoles for Batman™ and Robin™ to slide down, a selection of Bat-gadgets, helipad, plus a Batmobile and Batcopter.
  • The Wayne Mano